Bjelasnica en Igman

Interestingly situated in the heart of Igman and Bjelasnica-mountains of the 1984 Winter Olympic Games, on the main road from Sarajevo to Mostar some 20 km of Sarajevo, is the Municipality of Hadzici. It takes up 273 square kilometers stretching out from the Mostar junction to the Ivan Ridge. The main railway runs through the town.

It is a municipality that has outstanding potentials for the tourism. Besides the many winter sports facilities on both Igman and Bjelasnica mountains, its forests are affluent with wild animals thus providing for extraordinary recreational hunting possibilities. Alongside Igman and Bjelasnica there is Savnici, one of the most beautiful ski resorts with a modern ski course which hosts international competitions, and a recently opened ski lodge that accommodates more than 50 people.

Only 25 km from Sarajevo there is a natural wonder to be found in the mountains of Bjelasnica and Igman. It was here that the greater parts of the XIV Winter Olympic Games competitions (Alpine and Nordic events, and ski jumping) were held.

Hotel capacities in the area of the Bjelasnica and Igman mountains can be observed integrally due to the complementary nature of the hotel facilities and the various sporting activities offered, both in winter and in summer.The reconstruction will be focused on the destroyed hotel capacities and will aim at improving on its previous status, since they had originally been built in order to meet the specific requirements of the Winter Olympic Games.


Jahorina is part of Dinari mountain range. The highest mountaintop Ogorjelica is 1916 m above the sea level. At summer it is covered with green grass and at winter even up to 3m high snow. It is one of the high mountains.
Extraordinary configuration, a lot of quality snow, comfortable climate, tracks for alpine skiing, as well as mild slopes ( Rajska Dolina) are the reasons why Jahorina is one of the most beautiful and most famous ski center.

There are in average 175 days a year when Jahorina mountain is covered with snow, from October till end of May. An average snow cover height in February is 106 cm
Staying in Jahorina is interesting during any season, particularly during winter because extraordinary ski conditions. Preparation of ski slops in Jahorina for all Olympic disciplines enabled, as it is well know organisation of Olympic games, and other international ski competition. A huge bowline hitch covered with snow are great for skiing and sleigh riding, while mountain chain with 1600 meters high is extremely attractive for all visitors.